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President Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson, His Background
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Lyndon B. Johnson, His Background
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Do you know your 36th president?


Lyndon Baines Johnson or better known as LBJ lived from August 27, 1908 to January 22, 1973. He was the president that succeded former President John F. Kennedy. LBJ was one of the major leaders of the Democratic Party. Lyndon Baines Johnson was one of four other siblings. His sisters Rebekah, two years older, Josefa, four years older, and Lucia, eight years older, and his brother Sam Houston, six years older, were LBJ's siblings. When he was 19 Johnson enrolled in Southwest Texas State Teachers' College which is now Texas State University-San Marcos. Lyndon did many extracurricular activicites such as being on the debate and political team. He also was editor for his school and in the 1930's he graduated. After Johnson signed the Higher Education Act he revisited the Southwest State Teachers' College Johnson looked fondly back at his experience:

"I shall never forget the faces of the boys and the girls in that little Welhausen Mexican School, and I remember even yet the pain of realizing and knowing then that college was closed to practically every one of those children because they were too poor. And I think it was then that I made up my mind that this Nation could never rest while the door to knowledge remained closed to any American." -Lyndon Baines Johnson, Our 36th President.

After Johnson stopped teaching he soon joined politics. His father had served five terms in the Texas legislature and was a close friend to one of Texas's rising political figures, Congressman Sam Rayburn. (Rayburn served as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives for 17 years, and he is widely regarded as the most effective Speaker of the House in American history.) As Lyndon B. Johnson soon became senator, he had met Claudia Alta Taylor, a young woman also from Texas. On November 17, 1934 (only a short time after dating) they were married. Johnson had acually proposed to her within 24 hours of meeting her! Lyndon also like to give things his own initials (LBJ) such as his daughters, Lynda Bird Johnson and Luci Baines Johnson. He also had a dog called Little Beagle Johnson. In 1937, Johnson ran for Congress in a special election for the 10th Congressional District of Texas to represent Austin, Texas and the surrounding Hill Country. He ran on a New Deal platform and was effectively aided by his wife, Claudia or also known as Lady Bird Johnson. Later, Johnson became vice president and after Kennedy's assasination, president and worked hard as president. He had many odd traits. Johnson was the second tallest president, only a centimeter shorter than the tallest president, Abraham Lincoln standing 6'4. Johnson was also known to be frugal, or cheap. Since he was young he and his family were poor and had a large financial debt. Even though he was a multimillionaire. Johnson also took important people into the bathroom to discuss important things and dications, this was one of Johnson's many tactics for asserting psychological power over others. Also one of his hobbies was taking visitors in his car, driving around 90 mph down the roads, drinking scotch. Johnson died at 4:33 PM on January 22, 1973 from a third heart attack at his ranch, at the age of 64. His health ruined by years of heavy smoking and stress, the former President had severe heart disease. He was found in his bed, reaching for his phone. Johnson was honored with a state funeral in which Texas Congressman J.J. Pickle and former Secretary of State Dean Rusk eulogized him at the Capitol.


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